School Uniform

Children should wear a full school uniform daily and are encouraged to take pride in their appearance.

  1. Grey skirt or pinafore (girls) or grey trousers (boys).
  2. Grey cardigan (girls) or plain 'V' neck jumper (boys).
  3. Pale blue shirt.
  4. Navy tie.
  5. Navy or grey socks (girls) or grey socks (boys). Girls may wear grey or navy tights in the winter months.
  6. Black shoes.
  7. Navy blue top coat.
  8. Navy blue woollen hat with the school logo.

Summer uniform for girls is pale blue check dress and white socks.

Navy blue cap with the school logo.

Summer uniform for boys is a pale blue polo shirt with the school logo. Navy blue cap with the school logo on it,

Otherwise uniform is the same as for winter.

Plimsoles are required for P.E activities and must be worn in the school hall.

P.E Kit

Plain white t-shirt with the school logo and navy shorts.

Training shoes may be worn in the playgrounds and for some games lessons, but not as part of school uniform.

No jewellery may be worn, with the exception of watches which may only be worn in Year 3 - Year 6.

Earrings are not encouraged. If your child has pierced ears then only studs may be worn. No hooped earrings are allowed.

Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

Girls hair should be neat and tidy. Hair decorations should be navy blue.

Boys hair should be cut short but shaved heads, hairstyles with lines, designs or any other fashion styles are not allowed.

Navy blue bag with the school logo. Summer and Winter hats with the school logo.

P.E Bag (draw strings) with the school logo, reversible jacket with the school logo.

Navy shorts & white t-shirt with the school logo.

Items listed below must be purchased at WEARABOUTS Schoolwear in Sydenham.

(99 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5UA, Tel: 020 8659 9917) Please click on link below to view website: Wearabouts Schoolwear.


S.F.C Price ListS.F.C Price List

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