Compliments and Complaints

At St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School we are always happy to hear from you about all of the things we are doing well.  Please come in and tell us about anything that you are particularly happy with, ideas you would like to share or simply to celebrate your children’s successes.

If you have a concern please make arrangements to see your child’s class teacher to discuss your concerns.  If further discussion is required an appointment with the Deputy Headteacher or the Headteacher may be made.  Most issues can be dealt with promptly and efficiently at this level.

Complaints about the delivery of the national Curriculum are covered by legislation.  The staff  at St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School are very willing to talk over concerns that parents may have.  Please remember that there is a clear distinction between what is a concern and what is a complaint. 

A formal complaint is much more serious please consult our ‘Complaints Policy’. Complaints are dealt with by the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors.

Parents are asked to build relationships with all staff which are built on the identified core values contained in the school’s Mission Statement.  All staff at St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School work hard with the interest of the children always as their priority.


St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School, Forest Hill Road, London SE23 3LE - Tel: 020 8699 8862 | Headteacher - Mrs M. Lawton-Quin


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