Many children will have special needs at some point in their education.  Each class teacher is responsible for matching work to the needs of each individual pupil. Most children’s educational needs can be met within the classroom; however, we do recognise that there are some children who require special help in basic skills. Children of higher ability may also need extra support to ensure that they too are reaching their full potential.

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) will work closely with the class teacher to devise a clear educational plan for children identified as having special needs.  There are support teachers in the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2 who may work with individuals or small groups experiencing difficulty in Mathematics or English.

If a child’s needs cannot be met within the resources available in the school, more specific help may be required.  In cases such as this the school in consultation with the parents may refer to the Educational Psychologist who will work with the class teacher to devise a programme of work to meet the child’s special educational needs.  If after additional help is made available there are still concerns, parents may wish to have a full assessment of their child’s needs.  This is a formal procedure which will be explained to parents in more detail should the need arise.  Parents will be consulted throughout and no action will be taken without parental consent.

There are teaching assistants within the school who are allocated to each class to assist the teacher.  There are also additional teaching staff who are not assigned to one class but who work with groups or individuals who need additional support.






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