Aims of the School

The aim of St. Francesca Cabrini Primary School is to enable each child to fulfil their fullest potential within a Catholic environment, where the distinctive nature of the Catholic school underpins the whole curriculum.

We provide a happy, caring environment which promotes security and mutual respect between children and adults.

We expect children to take their place competently and effectively in society by providing them with the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge to do so.

The school offers a caring and supportive ethos where the child’s self image can develop positively through the provision of a learning environment where children’s individual needs are met. The children are encouraged to reach their fullest potential in all areas through a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum.

Equal Opportunities

The school has a very clear Equal Opportunities policy which underpins all aspects of school life. The school aims to offer each pupil equal opportunity and access to the curriculum regardless of their gender, race and physical differences.

Since all relationships within the school are built on the core values of love, trust and respect, the Headteacher and staff will deal firmly with any incident that does not live up to these values.

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St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School, Forest Hill Road, London SE23 3LE - Tel: 020 8699 8862 | Headteacher - Mrs M. Lawton-Quin


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