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At St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School we believe that Religious Education is at the centre of the whole school curriculum and is the foundation of our children’s education. We aim to deliver Christ’s message of His love for each individual to all our pupils in    partnership with parents.

We hope that through, and with, our R.E. Programme ‘Come and See’ we are encouraging children to establish a personal, loving relationship with Jesus and God, our Father.  The programme is based on the Church’s liturgical year and takes account of the various stages of children’s faith journeys.  Each term the programme focuses on one of the basic questions about life, its dignity and its purpose.  The central elements of religious and Christian faith are explored and celebrated through nine themes.  These, in turn, are studied through topics that relate to the different year groups.

Come and See - Themes and topics overview

Come and See - Rational

One of the main aims of the Religious Education curriculum is to promote a knowledge and understanding of the response of faith to ultimate questions about human life, its origins and purpose. The Bishops of England and Wales said, ‘Religious Education is about engaging with deepest questions of life and finding reasons for the hope which is within them’ (Religious Education in a Catholic School, 2000)

In RE we want to provide children with ‘compelling learning experiences’ which demands a more active and engaging approach to learning where children solve something, investigate reasons for things rather than be the mere recipients of knowledge.

By giving the learning in Religious Education direction through the use of key questions, mysteries or puzzles to answer or solve, the curriculum appears much more compelling, imaginative and challenging.  A key question should also be relevant to the children’s interests and concerns.  Topics such as ‘Rules’ which explores The Sacrament of Reconciliation may not capture the attention and interest of a student in the same way as a question such as ‘How do rules bring freedom?’

It is for this reason that a good approach to the Religious Education curriculum is to use key questions as headings for each unit of work. At the end of each lesson teachers could ask what the children have learned to help them answer the ‘bigger questions’, engaging children to think critically and discuss ideas, question openly and explore various topics through the Come and See programme.


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