Behaviour in School

The Staff and Governors at St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School believe that good behaviour and discipline in school are essential to successful teaching and learning.

At St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School we aim to promote good behaviour and discipline by encouraging our pupils and staff to respect each other and care for one another in an environment where the Gospel values are lived out in all aspects of school life.

The Staff and Governors of St Francesca Cabrini Catholic Primary School have high expectations of behaviour. We expect to work in partnership with parents to encourage each child to develop into respectful, caring, honest and fair members of society.

There is a Behaviour Policy in the school which everyone follows.  The Behaviour Policy is included at the end of this page. The support of parents in maintaining a disciplined and caring atmosphere is extremely important.

We encourage self-discipline, respect and care for each other and respect for property. If any child is not able to follow the school rules certain privileges are withdrawn, for example playtime.  If misbehaviour continues parents are invited to discuss the concern we have.  This can be discussed and overcome by the teacher and parents devising positive strategies by working together.

Bullying is not tolerated at this school.  The school will take all necessary steps to identify any form of bullying and it will be dealt with firmly.  Any child or parent reporting an incident of bullying can be reassured that the matter will be dealt with sensitively, efficiently and effectively.  There is a very clear anti-bullying policy in place. 

The Governors and staff monitor rigorously incidents of bullying. 


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