We at St Francesca Cabrini School are obliged to ensure that your child does not come to any harm, emotionally or physically. Their wellbeing is our main concern.

Please ensure we know about any accident your child has had which has resulted in bruising or mark to their face, arms or legs at home. We, in turn will notify you of any accident your child has at school. If a child attends school with an unexplained injury, a child protection referral may be made.

If there is a situation at home which may upset your child please let the Headteacher know.  All such    matters are treated with the strictest confidence.

We believe there must be communication between parents and the school which will ensure difficulties are overcome.

If there is a concern about a child’s safety or security the school is obliged to seek advice from Children’s Education & Welfare Team.  If a parent has a concern about the safety and security of their child at school they are advised to contact the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher without delay.

The Safeguarding policy of the School is centred round around your child.  Any action taken by the School is taken with this in mind.

The designated person for Safeguarding is Mrs M. Lawton-Quin, Headteacher and the deputy designated person for Safeguarding is Mr Murphy, Deputy Headteacher. In their absence, Mr Pinat and Miss Rice are the safeguarding designates.

Please do not be offended if a member of staff asks for clarification on a matter concerning your child or asks you to cooperate with regard to a concern or incident.  They are just doing their job and following the school’s Safeguarding procedures.  After all your child’s welfare is of the upmost importance to us all.

The Headteacher has attended and successfully completed the required training for safer recruitment of staff. The governor responsible for safeguarding is Miss S. Murray. 



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